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ESL Training

What We Teach

At Agape, we help students to improve their English listening skills, speaking skills, reading skills, writing skills, and grammatical awareness. We also offer classes in pronunciation and TOEFL preparation.

Who We Teach

At Agape, we teach English as a second language to college-bound students with student visas, as well as local immigrants who need to improve their English for job purposes.

Our Structure

 Agape has three core classes each day, Monday to Thursday.

Agape also has two elective classes on Friday mornings.


For more information about our program, please visit our F.A.Q. page.


  • Alberto Griseri
    Jun 26, 2015 at 12:39 pm Reply

    hi.. i’m Alberto Griseri and i’m an italian engineer..i’ll come to Greenville sc to work there with my italian company.
    I’m looking for an english course to improve my english level. I’m watching at your website and I want to ask you some more information.
    are there not any course in the evening?
    are there some intensive course, like 2-weeks course?
    i’m asking that only because i have to work there and so i can’t attend an accademic course during all day long for more then 2 weeks.
    thanks in advance for your attention paid.
    Alberto Griseri

    1. Brett V
      Jun 30, 2015 at 4:20 pm Reply

      Hi Alberto,

      Someone from our Greenville campus will contact you soon. Their email address is if you’d like to contact them directly. Thank you for contacting us!

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